What we do

Our research group is devoted to space-time models, with special emphasis to environmental variables, such as air and water pollutants, climatological variables, rains, wind speed, temperatures, pressure. Not last, we are starting an ambitious project (see the link on “Sismomatika”) to model the uncertainty around natural catastrophes.

Here are some of the resent themes of research:

1. Positive definite functions for random fields on the sphere of the Earth.

2. Compactly supported correlation functions for vector valued and space-time random fields.

3. Likelihood Approximations for space-time data.

4. Empirical and Euclidean likelihood for space-time data.

5. Dynamical processes and stochastic differential Equations.

6. Similarity measures based on the codispersion coefficient.

7. Clustering techniques for space-time data.

8. Equivalence of Gaussian measures for Vector Valued Random Fields.

9. Analogues of Schoenberg’s Representations for Vector Valued Random Fields.