Papers (2015–)

Technical Reports & Papers submitted to International Journals.

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  2. Ferreira, G., Lagos, B., Porcu, E. and Mateu, J. (2017). Prediction Intervals in Locally Stationary Processes through Bootstrap Techniques. Submitted.
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  6. Malyarenko, A. and Porcu, E. (2021). Multivariate Random Fields evolving temporally over the Hypertorus. Submitted.
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  8. Emery, X. and Porcu, E. (2022). Integral Representations, Extension Theorems and Walks through Dimensions under Radial Exponential Convexity.
  9. Bissiri, P.G. and Porcu, E. (2022). Nonparametric Bayesian Modeling of Covariance Functions on Spheres cross Time. Submitted.
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  12. Alegria, A. and Porcu, E. (2022). Hybrid Parametric Classes of Isotropic Covariance Functions for Spatial Random Fields. Submitted. Waiting for the PLR soon.
  13. Ferreira, V., Porcu, E. and Zubelli, J. (2022). Random Fields on Hilbert spaces with their Equivalent Gaussian Measures. Submitted.
  14. Emery, X., Mery, N. and Porcu, E. Vector-Valued Gaussian Processes on Non-Euclidean Product Spaces: Constructive Methods and Fast Simulations based on Partial Spectral Inversion. Submitted.
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  18. Faouzi, T., Furrer, R. and Porcu, E. (2023). Compatibility of Space-Time Kernels with Full, Dynamical, or Compact Support.




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  5. Jetti, Y.S, Porcu, E. and Ostoja Starzewski, M. (2022). Decouplers of Fractal Dimensions and Hurst Effects: New Models, with application to MOSP. Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Physik. Accepted.


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  2. Caraballo, T., Piña, J. and Porcu, E. (2021). A Stochastic Fractional Laplace Equation driven by colored noise on Bounded Domain, and its Covariance Functional. Stochastic Models. Accepted.
  3. Emery, X., Porcu, E. and White, P. (2021). New validity conditions for the multivariate Matérn coregionalization model, with an application to exploration geochemistry. Mathematical Geology. Accepted.
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  15. Antouche, M., Lara Carrion, L., Porcu, E. and Bramstedt, K. (2022). The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on deceased and living organ donors in the United States of America. Scientific Reports. Accepted.


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